Shopify Store Mistakes to Avoid to get Results
Published By : Bucky Ahmer
Shopify Store Mistakes to Avoid
After the store creation, every owner’s goal is to get high sales and make their brand in the eCommerce industry. It means everyone works according to their knowledge and experience.

Some owners know well about every aspect of eCommerce and some people do not know much.

That’s why all the stores do not get the desired position which they want. Some stores got the desired sales in a short time, some took months to get their desired position and sales and some failed to get the sales, and even they lost their money in the eCommerce business.

The reason behind their failure is that they made some little or major mistakes which they also do not know. Some mistakes; sometimes cause the failure of your store.

As a human, everyone makes mistakes. Some common mistakes are made by beginners or by intermediate store owners. If you have got the service from the expert then there is a chance that these mistakes are not in your Shopify store.

Check out the common Shopify mistakes to avoid if you want to succeed in your eCommerce business.

  • Adding all the Products
  • Poor Marketing Strategy
  • Not Using Marketing Tools
  • Ignoring the competition
  • Not Using responsive or mobile Optimized Theme
  • Not using Branding Concept
  • Product Title is Short or Too Long
  • Product Description Not Clear

1. Adding all the Products.

That is the common and basic problem which most Shopify owners do. They think if they have more products than their changes to the store success are high but that is not true.

If you are already a brand then it’s possible to provide more products to get more sales. but if you have started your store a few days ago then that will turn into a nightmare and destroy all your efforts. This is also for those who want to start their store in the near future.

That thing is commonly seen in the drop shipping stores because they think we just import the product on signal click and why we do not add more products if we have a choice.

But think from the other side if you have more products you need more marketing budget, more planning, more branding, and more time that’s why that strategy is the basic cause of Shopify store failure.

It means if you want to start your eCommerce business on the next level then you need to be an expert in the selection of products that are added to your store. You need to see the market of the product and see if it is a good product to add to your store.

You need to get the service of experts who are experts in product hunting & selection if you do not know much. We provide you with a Product hunting service which increases the chances of your store’s success.

2. Poor Marketing Strategy.

On the eCommerce store marketing is the main base which brands the more customers to your store. A little mistake or wrong selected keyword will ruin your whole budget in the paid marketing.

We have seen people target the keyword which brings no sales but high Cost per click (CPC). A good marketing plan will help you to run your store successfully and bring more sales which is your goal.

In the marketing strategy, you need to first see who is your target audience and who will buy your product. If your product is related to ladies then the selection of paid advertisements will be different like Instagram or Pinterest. It does not mean you forget the other platforms the chances are higher for the target-oriented platform better.

That is the one thing which we highly recommend to hire the expert who will run your ads for your brand.

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